When you request an auto insurance quote you may be surprised to be asked about other drivers who reside at your address.

The reason an agent will pose this question is because Michigan no-fault auto policies provide coverage for individuals living in the same household.

In the event of an accident there is an “order of priority” that determines which auto policy responds first and in what order any other policies in the same household would participate, if needed.

For example, if a driver or passenger suffers injuries in an auto accident the order of response would be:

  1. The individual’s own auto insurance. If none, then…
  2. The insurance policy of a resident relative (i.e. – spouse, parent, or sibling). If none, then…
  3. The insurance policy of the owner of the occupied vehicle. If none, then…
  4. The insurance policy of the driver of the occupied vehicle. If none, then…
  5. The State Of Michigan assigned claims facility.

When an insurance company underwrites an auto policy they are assessing the likelihood of paying a claim. As a step in this process an insurance company will inquire about and check whether there are other drivers, even if those individuals have their own car and insurance, since there is a possibility the insurance company could be required to participate if there is a claim involving that individual.

Underwriting rules regarding additional drivers vary between insurance companies – one company may require all drivers be listed and rated on a policy while another may only require confirmation additional drivers are insured elsewhere.

A good agent will ask about other drivers to make certain they are providing an accurate quote and appropriate coverage for your situation.

Did you know?
Detailed questions on our auto quote form are for your benefit – they help us provide an accurate price and make certain, in the event of a loss, that your policy will respond as expected.

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