Having been in the insurance business for over 25 years, I’ve noted quite often claims don’t conveniently occur during business hours.

What is surprising is how people react when a loss occurs and they aren’t immediately able to speak with their agent or insurance company for guidance.

It’s important to be aware your insurance company wants you to take action quickly to secure your property and minimize the extent of damage. In fact, within the terms and conditions of most insurance policies you will find this is actually your duty in the event of a loss.

Here is a sampling of typical wording to this effect within home and condo insurance policies:

In case of a loss to covered property you must see that the following are done:

  1. Protect the property from further damage;
  2. Make reasonable & necessary repairs to protect the property; and
  3. Keep an accurate record of repair expenses

Here are some additional helpful tips for taking emergency action in the event of a loss:

  • Notify your insurance agent or company at your earliest opportunity
  • Take pictures before any repairs are made
  • Perform any temporary repairs to prevent further damage
  • If necessary, obtain assistance from an emergency repair or restoration company
  • Keep receipts for all your expenses
  • Wait to begin any cosmetic or permanent repairs until an adjuster has reviewed and approved your claim

Restoration companies are an excellent emergency resource when a claim occurs – they have the expertise and equipment to aid in protecting your property and preventing further damage.

The important principle to keep in mind is when there is an emergency situation you can and should take prudent and reasonable steps to protect your property and minimize damage.

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