Getting a ticket can increase your Michigan auto insurance rates.

Did you know?
You may be able to avoid points going on your driving record & higher insurance rates.

The State of Michigan offers eligible drivers a one-time opportunity, by completing a Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC), to prevent points for a ticket from being added to their driving record and reported to insurance companies.

You may be eligible for this program, if:

  • You have a valid Michigan driver’s license
  • You have 2 or fewer points on your driving record
  • The violation was not in a commercial vehicle
  • The violation was not a criminal offense, and
  • The ticket you received is eligible (click for complete list)

If you are eligible to participate in a BDIC the state will send you a notice of eligibility. You would then need to complete, and successfully pass, a course offered by a BDIC sponsor within 60 days of your notice of eligibility. Every approved organization offering a Basic Driver Improvement Course sets their course fees, up to a maximum of $100. There are several convenient, online courses available.

If you pass a BDIC, the course sponsor will automatically notify the Michigan Secretary of State. The state will not add any points to your driving record and will not show information for that ticket to insurance companies. You would still be responsible for all court costs, fines, and fees related to your ticket.

The BDIC only affects whether a ticket will be added to your driving record and information for that violation will be available to insurance companies.

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