A collector vehicle is more than just a car – it’s a treasured collectible you purchase and invest time and money into because you have an appreciation and passion for a unique, cherished automobile.

While many auto insurance companies in Michigan will insure a wide variety of classic and antique cars on a standard auto insurance policy, it’s well worth your consideration to purchase a specialty insurance policy specifically designed for your collector vehicle.

We are proud to partner with Hagerty Insurance, the world’s leading insurer of collector vehicles, to offer unparalleled coverage for your special car.

Here are some of the advantages offered by our collector vehicle policies:

  • Broad Qualification – In addition to classic & antique cars coverage is available for a wide range of collectible vehicles including modern collector vehicles, modified vehicles, kit & replica, fire trucks and military vehicles.
  • Expert Valuation – Offering knowledge & expertise to accurately value your collector vehicle. Access our free valuation tool by clicking here.
  • Guaranteed Value – Coverage for your car’s real value, agreed to beforehand, so you know exactly what amount will be paid in the event of a total covered loss.
  • Low Rates – Typically saving 40% or more compared to standard auto insurance.
  • Flexible Use – There aren’t fixed use or mileage restrictions, so you can get out and enjoy driving your vehicle.
  • Claims Expertise – Adjusters with hands-on training in classic car repair and specialists who can help find the right replacement parts for your collector vehicle.
  • Repair Shop of Your Choice – You get to decide who works on your vehicle, including the option to be paid to repair it yourself!
  • Guaranteed Flatbed Towing – Providing peace of mind your collector vehicle will be handled with the utmost care.
  • Extra Coverage Options – Coverage is available for spare parts, automotive tools, automobile memorabilia, personal effects, trip interruption & vehicles under restoration.

The main qualifications to be eligible for collector vehicle insurance are that your car be appreciating or maintaining in market value, in good condition, not used for your daily transportation, and kept in a garage or other secure storage facility.

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