Your Michigan home, condo, or renters insurance may provide coverage to reimburse you for the cost to replace food in your refrigerator or freezer that spoils due to a power outage. Coverage is usually offered as an add-on (rider) available with these types of policies.

Your current policy may already include refrigerated contents coverage without you even realizing it as this coverage is frequently included within policy enhancements (endorsements) insurance companies offer that bundle together several popular, additional coverage options.

A typical refrigerated contents rider will feature:

  • A lower (or $0) deductible for covered losses
  • $500 or more of coverage per occurrence
  • Coverage for food spoilage resulting from a power outage (storm) & may even cover food spoilage if your refrigerator or freezer simply breaks down
  • Coverage limits, deductibles, and any conditions of coverage will vary between insurance companies so be sure to review the details of your policy or ask your agent for the specifics of your coverage.

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